1. Randal

    She copied rihanna, didnt work. Now copying miley?

  2. malaka

    i knew those 3D printers would be too dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands.

  3. Who the hell is she???.

  4. MarketingMike

    I have a feeling her “real” performance comes after the show,
    back in your hotel suite, if you’re an aging Billionaire.

    Now where do I get a clip of that?

  5. wow

    I opened this pic just because I thought she was Miley. A not so ugly Miley.

  6. Amanda

    Miley Cyrus + Faruza Balk = this chick

  7. Lou Braccant

    A picture of her actually performing is almost as elusive as a picture of big foot, I thought all she did was show her nipples in restaurants.

  8. “This ones dedicated ta mah Daddy.” She unbuttons her top; father sinks in chair, pulls cap down low.


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