1. Bitches be all, “fuck me George”

    and I be all, “whoa bitches!”

  2. “no…no thank you…please…I’ve had way too much vagina today already”

  3. fuzzy was

    “Crank that Soulja Boy!”

  4. Josephus

    How apropos that the next photo, the one he seems to be pushing away, is Tara Reid.

  5. Inner Retard

    The “Stand back!” pose. Because you can never be too sure if Jonah Hill changed targets.

  6. “No, thanks Jonah, I’m good.”

  7. buzz

    Did he just magically shoot that shaftless arrowhead from his hands? WIZARD!

  8. I didn’t think Monuments Men was so bad he had to take up miming.

  9. “Please Kim. Keep walking forward.”

  10. “Hey, nice tush-WHOA, my own age?! Sorry, my bad.”

  11. Training for his role in the next Batman movie, no doubt.

  12. PassingTrue

    Backing away from the engagement ring salesman.

  13. Television is thanking the film industry.

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