1. Sidney

    Thats a whole lotta legs, for so little a butt.

  2. i can’t figure out if her legs are the hottest thing i’ve seen or the most disgusting. it’s a razor thin line…

  3. anonymous

    LOL @Nike and their hidden high-heeled sneakers.

  4. your tongue, my balls.

    No! That is not why they call me turtle.

  5. How can she lean forward so far and still stand up?
    (a) hyperextended knees
    (b) purse loaded with half her weight in cosmetics
    (c) magic hi-tops
    (d) all of the above
    I’ll give you 1 more minute lesser Dillon.

  6. You can tell that they’re shooting a scene here, because in real life Turtle would be drooling and on his knees in front of a woman like this.

  7. She has those knees that go inward when she stands up straight. It just looks weird.

  8. ChestyLaRue

    I see Drama’s still shopping the Federline Collection.

  9. PassingTrue

    There’s a place and time for cut-off shorts. Fortunately, this *is* the place and time.

  10. reginaphilangee

    You can bench how much?!

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