1. RUN! It’s Tonya Harding!

  2. That’s the look of a man who just realized a big girl gave him an underwater BJ…

  3. NewGal

    Derek, I want to place your penis in my vagina.

  4. dooood

    why dont you go back to your home on whore island!

  5. El Jefe

    Not seen his lover Zac Effron running towards him.

  6. Mortimer Poopston III

    What is that barrel doing back there?

  7. AnnaDraconida


  8. Sin

    Dude is gay. A big titted girl like that right there and you run away? GAY!!!!

  9. Joaquin ingles

    Fat Girl: “ooh ho ho ho that was good.”

  10. Nine foot Pen Is

    I would totally fuck the fat Hough sister. Yeah I’d fuck her, really it’s just the same pussy as her skinny sister. Probably even more blow jobs, and you know when you start fucking a fat chick there’s a chance they go thin.

  11. “And left, 2, 3, and right, 2,3 … C’mon 1990′s child star nobody knows … DANCE!!!!”

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