1. Hugh Jass

    The world thanks you for leaving your shirt on

  2. Doctor Joystick

    Is this the episode on Animal Planet where an Orca devours that surfer girl?

  3. i thought money and fame landed you quality pussy?

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Wait… Gary Busey AND Jonah Hill are having sex? With women?

    There’s no excuse for the rest of us.

  5. El Jefe

    When you are a Jew like I am, even a talentless hack like me can leapfrog people that actually deserve it and get nominated for an Oscar.

  6. Bigalkie

    What a slug!

  7. hollyhood

    haha hah thought that was miley cyrus for a minute

  8. I wonder if he ever gets tired of shooing away Greenpeace boats.

  9. AnnaDraconida

    He’s incredibly gross, doughy and pasty and his arms look tiny

  10. Captain Ahab will never find him in that disguise.

  11. Run, Shakira! It’s another sea lio—oh. That’s not Shakira.

  12. He better give more thought to wearing black t-shirts in the ocean, especially in Australia, lest a great white mistake him for a seal and give him an impromptu tummy tuck.

  13. Gurgle gurgle

    Hey, excuse me, can you help me with my career? Hi, hello can you help me with my career? I’ll do anything. Hi, Miss- hello can you help me? I need help with my career, I’ll do anything. What the hell am I doing in the ocean already. Hello Miss, can you help me with my career? Hi excuse me Miss you look like you know.. can you help me with my career? Hello?

  14. Again: the tiny hands. No one told the guy that to maintain weight loss you gotta lift weights and possibly cardio. See? ::points to Cheetos orange pot belly::

  15. He's fat

    Hey! Wanna here an armpit fart? Hey lady! Hey lady listen! It’s the best armpit fart ever.Lady! Hey!

  16. nick

    Beached whales.

  17. Dolomite

    Is that Tonya Harding?

  18. bethy

    “Hey, did you ever see that movie Superbad?”

  19. He should just put on a shirt like that other guy.


    I thought he was skinny now???

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