1. TWO years I’ll look like Antonio Banderas in FIVE years.

  2. TWO! I take 2 in the butt…

  3. Any guesses on what his moustache smells like?

  4. PAF!

    “La Vida Loca”. 1999.
    Many years later, he ‘came out’ (shock. horror. surprise.)
    Why is he still relevant in any way?

  5. NewGal

    Do I ever want to put his penis in my vagina.

  6. Lita

    Nice pornstache.

  7. El Jefe

    Bad enough being gay, but to top it off with a pedo mustache, really?

  8. It must take a long time to stuff a coat with the downy pubes of past lovers.

  9. Jerky McPumpoff

    “Mr Martin! How many feet of cock do you wish to be served tonight?”

    • Jerky McPumpoff

      rats that could mean he’s eating chicken feet… rats!

      • Count to Two

        Mr Martin would you prefer the one or two foot dildo in your bunghole?
        Would you like one or two balls on your spaghetti?
        Do you take it in both holes or just one?
        How do you wipe the semen out of your eyes?
        How many gerbils are currently up your butt?
        If you weren’t gay how much money would I have to pay you for a blow job?
        What’s better than a hard cock?
        Do you like golden or brown showers?
        Which finger smells like ass?
        How many cunts before you decided you liked to eat balls?
        About hard far apart are a mans nuts from his butthole?

  10. Blech

    In every photo like this there’s a blurry guy in the background hoping it’s up his butt where Ricky Martin’s peace sign will go.

  11. LIver

    Fame and Respect I’ll be right back, I’m just going into obscurity for twenty years.

  12. Frank Burns

    “Two in the brown, with the other hand grab around!”

  13. bethy

    “Two Jonas Brothers.”

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