1. Frank Burns

    In the background there is always a woman saying “Oy gevalt!” whenever Simmons walks around Miami without his bathrobe on.

  2. ChickenHawk

    It’s the latest yoga position, “Shitting Dog”.

  3. Don’t do it Russell!!! It’s not just a fart!!!

  4. I’ve called people “peckerhead” before, but never meant it literally.

  5. Pretty much my reaction to Indian food as well, Russell.

  6. Proof that Kim Kardashian’s ass has it’s own gravity. Don’t look directly into it!!!

  7. PAF!

    “Radio”, “Forrest”, “… whatever you wanna call it.

  8. taz


  9. Bonky

    Oops, I pooped my pants.

  10. Somebody buy him a paddle-ball before he dents his forehead.

  11. Joe

    Popping his own doody bubble.

  12. Must be tough, occupying a beach in Miami.

  13. The exact moment when Russell realized that sitting on a butt-plug wasn’t such a good idea, after all.

  14. Joaquin ingles

    “Ima mess you up bitch, yo ass is mine
    If I don’t pop you with my Smith & Wesson 9
    I’ll blow yo mutha fuckin legs off wit a fuckin land mine.”

  15. Kurt C.

    Rudy! Theo!

  16. tlmck

    Cosby needs to lose some weight.

  17. KLakeesha

    He sold a lot of crack to sit on the beach in Miami and not get asked to serve drinks.

  18. He’s just now finding out just how tricky it really is.

  19. The Brown Streak

    Russell’s magical rosary beads points the way to the nearest open vagina.

  20. SupaDupa

    Even Magneto couldn’t lift that fat ass up

  21. journalschism

    See, this is right before the Mama Buzzard kicks in him in ass to bring back Bugs Bunny to the nest.

  22. tinklepants

    Just out of frame, the gravitational well known as Kim Kardashian’s ass.

  23. squishy

    Who cares??

  24. bethy

    I had no idea he was diabetic.

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