1. Shouldn’t he be filling my gastank?

  2. “I find the existential nature of my work to be soothing on both a personal as well as professional level. Much like the..”

    blah blah blah fucker

  3. more like “My Own Private Douchebag”…which if you think about it, should really go without saying.

  4. Cock Dr

    The physical manifestation of pretentiousness.

  5. El Jefe

    Is he announcing his new cologne line, “Eau de Douchebag”?

  6. spacedust

    It’s getting harder and harder to play James Franco.

  7. Lita

    He looks old. He looks 50.

  8. Contusion

    Harvey Keitel is looking pretty good these days.

  9. At the front of the place is a petition he wants you to sign to have the Hudson River changed to the James Franco River.

  10. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Take for example the way I am here while also at Yale and NYU. You see Timmy, it’s a simple question of Quantum Mechanics…”

  11. Adam

    “So that’s when I decided to take on the hair and mannerisms of Heath Ledger’s Joker.”

  12. “Now if you’ll all be quiet for the next two hours, I will explain my utter genius and why you should feel honored to be basking in my presence.”

  13. “So breathing isn’t that hard, if you act method.”

  14. Joaquin ingles

    Yes Christopher, we get it. The Bible is bullshit.

  15. Raoul

    “So, yes, growing a moustache has been decidedly more difficult than I’d anticipated.”

  16. The Brown Streak

    They were all tricked into seeing his family vacation slideshow.

  17. “I just sneak up on my erection like this and when it isn’t looking, I grab it and start stroking.”

  18. Iknowittoo

    hes hot

  19. Swearin

    “So, the secret to truly bringing out the flavor when sniffing one’s farts is to focus on the center of the aroma. You must move your hand in gentle waves, like so, to stir up the overall mix and bring out those subtleties.”

  20. SSsuperficial

    “Blah bleh blu blah blee, so yes, to answer your question, I believe it was right before I hosted the Oscars…are there any other questions that don’t pertain to when or how I became a douche?”

  21. It’s like he intentionally makes himself look like ass. Why is he suppressing his hotness? This breaks my heart.

  22. TheNudeGuy

    I want to sick her vagina to my penis

  23. Rob

    “My work is important. when i play a pothead. Its a commentary on the state of society. its so complex I don’t think you’d understand what I’m talking about. One thing I have found is that I’m the most important person on the planet and, in no way, am I a huge mega-douche.”

  24. Buddy the Elf

    “Well, to get up for that role, I once killed this vagrant drifter to get an erection…”

  25. Good Question, well, you see, Mommy and Daddy love each other very very much…

  26. birdo

    Depp : Transformers :: Franco : Gobots

  27. bethy

    This photo was captured three days after they quit filming.


    Good actor…total tool. I don’t think he tries to be pretencious on purpose, it just comes with being a flagrant douche.

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