1. Hugh Jass

    Oh I thought it was the dad from Modern Family

  2. I bet he could show Chris Brown a thing or 2 (See what I did there?)

  3. He thinks he can win in a fight against The Gay.

  4. Cock Dr

    It’s always funny to see men facelifted so tight.

  5. “Keep Memory Alive foundation’s Power of Love Gala”

    Seriously? Who names these events?? Someone who gets paid by the word?

  6. Rico Jones

    Master illusionist David Copperfield couldn’t get a better hairpiece?

  7. “David! David! Show us your give me a BJ or else pose”

  8. El Jefe

    The face of a rapist.

  9. “Do my magic tricks do anything for you? No? How about my chest thumping, then?”

  10. Contusion

    I’m sure the name Keep Memory Alive has nothing to do with how far down the totem pole of celeb status they had to go to get Copperfield.

    • The following is the absolute truth. Saw it with my own eyes:

      About 15 years ago a local very high-end shopping plaza sponsored an event to benefit Alzheimer’s Awareness and Treatment. The name of the event? “An Affair to Remember.”

      True story, I swear to Buddha!

  11. Bigalkie

    Now for my next trick, I’ll glamour a showgirl!

  12. fartbucket

    So Uncle Jesse is a magician now?

  13. At this point, I think he’s referring to his own memory.

  14. Yeah, because nothing helps Keep Memory Alive like a few cases of Dom PĂ©rignon.

  15. Phoenix

    Come at me, bro.

  16. The Brown Streak

    “Call me ‘that guy from The Pretender’ one more time…”

  17. tlmck

    Scott Bakula?

  18. Stupid

    I really miss his yearly televised specials. I thought they were very entertaining. Saw his show live from the 1st row, he puts on a fantastic show. Well worth the money.

  19. Rob

    This guy has to be about 60 now

  20. MrChips

    Remember me? No, really, I used to bang Claudia Schiffer.

  21. TheNudeGuy

    I want to stick her penis in my vagina.

  22. Buddy the Elf

    Wanna see my private island?
    No – you have to leave your cell phone here.

  23. Debutante

    Ewwww….. creepy Freak.

  24. Clown Shoes

    Let’s see “disappear” again.

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