1. Anyone remember that movie her and Corey Haim did in the 80s called “Blown Away”?

    She was so fucking hot in that.

  2. sc4play

    Couldn’t you just leave it alone, Photo Boy???

  3. ThisWillHurt

    The last thing you want is Eggert on your face.

  4. donkeylicks

    Do you think that her toe nails are naturally that color or do you suppose she’s wearing nail polish?

  5. Emma Watson's Vagina

    now why couldn’t they take pee pics of her when she was hot.

  6. tlmck

    So this show is about beached whales?

  7. Frank The Duck

    Are we sure the show is not titled “Tsunami” ? Splash has to be a working title….

  8. cc

    Nicole Eggert at a practice for the reality show ‘Time Is A Cruel Mistress’ in Los Angeles

  9. Dugger

    I haven’t seen this show but if the formula is women in swimsuits, they might have a hit.

    Kristy McNichol, Farrah Fawcett, Lynda Carter, Brooke Shields showed us what the first generation of single layer spandex one piece suit can show a pre-internet teenage boy.

  10. So in addition to diving, she’s learned how to lift one buttock to fart and pee at the same time.
    Multitasking. You’re making your parents proud.

  11. Ah Shamu; you never cease to entertain!

  12. But she looks sooo much better than…uhhhh….mmmm…wait…I know! She looks so much better than she did in last week’s picture.

  13. SlipperyPimple

    ‘Splash’ : A documentary about converting Compton Municipal Pool to Seaworld LA.

  14. guttboy

    Don’t care….still would….I am honest with myself….

  15. WillieAamesVoodoo

    Meanwhile, Josie Davis is unbelievably hot and not doing reality diving shows. Ok, she does Lifetime movies, but still …

  16. Ladypants

    After enduring her and Louie Anderson that diving board should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  17. Ladypants

    Between her and Louie Anderson that diving board deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  18. Ruckus

    “C’mon honey… do the leg thing for daddy?”

  19. donkeylicks

    I think she sharted

  20. bigalkie

    She really does looks sexy… When standing beside Louis Anderson.

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