1. TheGenYgirl

    Note to women:
    Do NOT decide based on this picture that you should buy a bright orange pant suit. I know, I know, you think right now it will look awesome. But you and I are not Rosie H-W…

  2. That has to be the lamest tattoo I have ever seen.

  3. cc

    I don’t know who the fuck is styling her hair or picking her outfits but they really need firing.

  4. Fishballs

    Not pictured: A shirtless Jason Statham mid-flying side kick mere inches from the photographer’s head.

  5. AC

    If this is alternate universe Hilary Clinton, did alternative universe Bill Clinton still mouth bang alternate universe Monica Lewinsky (who I’m assuming looked like Roseanne Barr)? These are the kinds of things Schrodinger would’ve speculated about if he’d been alive in the 1990s. Also, I’m pretty sure the laws of quantum physics would thus mean alternative universe Schrodinger is Screech Powers.

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