1. Axerty

    Here’s my Robert Downey doing Droopy Dog impression.

  2. “Maybe I will fart… And maybe I won’t…”

  3. mnsuperbee

    It’s a blue mic and I ….. jizz in my pants

  4. The best James Bond villain in a very long time.

  5. Stuggling for work since Who’s the Boss.

  6. catapostrophe


  7. This is his “I just sharted a lil’ ” face

  8. I thought it was Scott Baio, post-stroke.

  9. PtC

    He just saw the previous Nicole Eggert photo

  10. SlipperyPimple

    Too much Pocket flan. Anybody got some Vapoorizer?

  11. “these kids and their rap music! am I right?”

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