1. mnsuberbee

    Jon Voigt is still relevant? Oh wait, this is probably one of those situations like when my Grandpa shows up uninvited and starts yelling at people about area 51 conspiracies and “the lizard people”. How awkward for him.

  2. MH

    “I killed Princess Di, don’t mess with me”

  3. Swearin

    “Angie! Angie! Look over here! Brad, Brad!”
    “I don’t think that’s gonna work, Jon…”

  4. “What am I doing?…I’m here to get pictures of Spider-man.”

  5. James, Angie, look over here when you kiss.

  6. emma watson's vagina

    “ok i know you all want to photograph me for my hot body. it’s annoying! let’s see how you like it assholes!”

  7. DeucePickle

    Seal said I could borrow this.

  8. cc

    I am going to shoot you WITH A CAMERA you fuckin’ goof!

  9. Just like Jon, that camera has seen better days.

  10. Hey! Any of you guys got any Velcro?

  11. Aw, heck. I thought from the thumbnail that it was going to be Christopher Walken, and it’s just John Voight. Sigh.

  12. Joe Pesci as Mel Gibson in the biopic “Sugartits.”

  13. I used to really like Jon Voight, and it dawns on me as I type this comment that I don’t like him anymore ‘cuz he looks too much like Donald Trump.

  14. Ruckus

    “C’mon honey… do the leg thing for daddy?”

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