1. Hank E. Ring

    Madge is helping her prodigy.

  2. Madonna presents Victoria Beckham the Woolmark Prize in London.

  3. Hopalong

    Madonna looks like shit!

  4. contusion

    Looks like Madonna has gone over the borderline.

  5. “psst..Lindsay….give me the mic before you make an ass out of yourself, you’re drunk again!”

  6. Swearin

    “And now, to give the keynote address at the succubi convention…”

  7. Inner Retard

    The Resistance kept sending back Victoria’s future self to save her from plastic surgeons. They had a message for her: No fake but what you make.

  8. Is this the Overeaters Anonymous meeting?

  9. adamcagey

    “And now to kill Madonna and steal her cache of souls!”

  10. karlito

    she’s looking into the future when all her plastic surgery expires.

  11. Little Tongue

    Wow! She ALMOST smiled!

  12. emma watson's vagina

    wow . a new first when zombies attack other zombies.

  13. Emma Watson's Vagina

    When zombies attack zombies!!!!

  14. Totally thought this was Madonna at first.

    Maybe it’s Madonna from another dimension where plastic surgery does not exist .. like the Spooky Fish.

  15. cc

    Here at our next exhibit, we have a skeleton wrapped artfully in paper mache.

  16. toby

    Sarah Jessica Parker at her finest.

  17. Demi went blonde?

  18. Fingergod

    Man, that sure is one ugly woman. And the blond lady has seen better days too.

  19. Hey David, I bet you wish you had seen Posh’s mum before marrying her, eh?

  20. jr

    The old guy from poltergeist in drag

  21. I’m not buying it. That’s a cardboard cutout of Victoria.
    You can tell because she looks all two-dimensional, and still weighs more than the real one.

  22. Posh looks like one of Finn’s chicks from “Adventure Time.”

  23. chicka

    she never smiles because of her piggy little face… which is why she never eats! oink!

  24. Is she seriously doing the dougie in the middle of Donatella’s rendition of “Ave Maria”?!

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