1. Is this the one with the tranny wife, or the one that got the shit kicked out of him?

  2. Pshhhtt. Ima fine. Gimme the keysh!

  3. Brandon Davis at 24.

  4. Chaz Bono cleans up nicely.

  5. Juch

    “If anybody with meth or bath salts would like to kidnap and drive me around after the awards show, I’ll be just down the block chugging a bottle of vodka.”

  6. “ACTING!!!!”

  7. jr

    Never go full Brendan Fraser

  8. “No, that wasn’t me. That was my brother.” (The London Twin defense for the last 20 years.)

  9. Phoenix

    If Brendan Fraser mated with Jon Lovitz.

  10. Is there any reason I should be aware of this guy’s existence?

  11. SlipperyPimple

    I usually don’t comment on advertisements, but this Gillette Fusion spot clearly shows the advantages of 5 blades over 3.

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