1. Haha! One of my favorite Jaime Foxx characters ever! Oh, shit, my bad…

  2. Inner Retard

    That Corvette is only seconds from committing suicide.

  3. “In her honor”?!?!? What the fuck? SHE RENTED A BILLBOARD IN L.A.!!! THAT’S ALL SHE’S FAMOUS FOR!!

  4. ThisWIllHurt

    Do you have a fan big enough to cover everything else?

  5. DeucePickle


  6. She should start carrying around a box fan to cover her!

  7. I see this broad all the time on the 101 in Ventura County. I’m guessing she’s putting lipstick on some old blind guys’ shafts in Camarillo for the gas money.

  8. I had to search Google to find out who the fuck she was.

  9. cc

    As a former own of a TriPower Corvette I say to thee ‘FUCK YOU!’

  10. Jentilly

    I see Courtney Stodden finally got her implants

  11. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    The ghost of Courtney Stodden’s future is in town. Armageddon is arguably near.

  12. SlipperyPimple

    I’m not sure which Lady Gaga improvement I like better, the fan or the implants. Nah, definitely the fan.

  13. The Courtney Stodden prototype.

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