1. Still would…

  2. I used to fap to her. Now…not so much.

  3. WOW! She’s still as fuckable as ever. The only thing that would stop me is the fact that she’s gone all Jesus freak.

  4. Jagger

    I remember sitting through that steaming pile “Chasers” just to watch her. Where the hell has she been since then?

  5. tlmck

    I don’t think the Sharon Osbourne look works for her.

  6. cc

    Her ass in ‘Under Siege’. That is all.

  7. I’ve had a crush on her since E.T. came out.
    What? We were both 9!

  8. SlipperyPimple

    Vajazzling for never-nudes.

  9. Now get your ass over to the set of Splash and kick Nicole Eggert in her gravy filled head.

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