1. So anyone care to guess which chick is under that hat?

  2. contusion

    You think I’m fu…oh fuck it. I’m too tired.

  3. Swearin

    Sadly, this dwarf didn’t make it into “The Hobbit”

  4. Easy Money part 2. You think Joe looks bad? You should see Rodney.

  5. Frank Burns


  6. Looks like Leo Getz got fucked at the drive-thru.

  7. tlmck

    Looks like Popeye found a new use for spinach.

  8. Still deadly with a baseball bat.

  9. Embalming fluid, Stat!

  10. Joe Pesci as Mel Gibson in the upcoming biopic “Sugartits.”

  11. Ian Holm looks pretty good

  12. there’s your motivation to put down the cigarettes. JAYSUS!

  13. On his way to the airport for a guest role on Eastenders.

  14. I thought he was gone and there was nothing anybody could do about it?

  15. I don this look when I want to go out and be anti-semitic, racist, and sexist. They blame Gibson every time.

  16. BP

    Robin Williams smokes?

  17. bigalkie

    Joe Pesci..Probably fucked Victoria Sveltsted..

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