1. Axerty

    Whitest. Drug Deal. Ever.

  2. Smapdi

    Django Unpaid

  3. amir

    Damn Jamie, how old are you? Pull up your PANTS!

  4. ThisWIllHurt

    “This is the last time, Katt Williams. You fuck up again, and you’re on your own.”

  5. Frank The Duck

    “Ok just take the money but please don’t hurt me…”
    “Why did I leave Brentwood?”

  6. cc

    Meanwhile some cop in a squad car is saying to his partner ‘Are you seeing this?’

  7. Some white folks is gonna be real dead real soon.

  8. you can take the guy outta the ghetto . . .

  9. Easiest. Holdup. Ever.

  10. “Ok, here’s the money. Now every time you see me we do some black stuff, ok? Cool hand shakes, side hugs, you know, black stuff. And remember, never come over without texting me first, cuz my security will shoot you. Nothing personal.”

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