1. CrashHell

    Geez, and I thought I told Anthony when you take them out of 7th period to give them a snack or their energy drops like the Lakers playoff dreams…

  2. Either that’s some really GOOD heroin, or its some really BAD heroin

  3. Swearin

    She must’ve just been listening to the last Red Hot Chili Peppers album

  4. She looks like she’s really into the game.

  5. Juch

    Fucking celebrities! Hogging court-side seats and they can’t even stay awake! Stay the fuck home and give your seats to someone who loves the game.

    • This is what happens when guys drag their gfs to see shit they hate … and vice versa.

      Though to be fair, everyone else in the photo looks bored to shit as well.

  6. That’s excellent use of a court-side seat, lady.

  7. tlmck

    I feel the same way about basketball.

  8. cc

    Quite an eclectic group…Anthony Kiedis. his gf, Psy, and the lady from The Hendersons…all bored shitless.

  9. Jentilly

    To be fair it doesn’t look like anyone is enjoying the game

  10. Emma Watson's Vaginia

    wow Ashton and Milla are still together. just now with tattoos.

  11. Flea


  12. Beer Baron

    Glad to see Kim Jong Un has courtside seats as well.

  13. SlipperyPimple

    “Seriously, if guy with the milk crate and animal cookies doesn’t get here by the next foul, I’m totally going to the concession stand myself.”

  14. What a hoochie, in those CFM old-lady loafers.

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