1. DO IT RYAN! Make it look like an accident though…

  2. pavement_smear

    Don’t do it, Blake! Living with Ryan can’t be that bad!
    Who am I kidding…jump…

  3. ThisWIllHurt

    “The pinata’s just a few feet ahead, Blake! Keep going . . . Keep going . . .”

  4. Swearin

    Blake, in her infinite wisdom, is attempting to see if one really can be “walking on sunshine.”

  5. Blake seen here demonstrating how big she thinks Leighton Meester’s ass is.

  6. I thought we outlawed the Ghost Dance. Better call the cavalry.

  7. cutthecrap

    Here’s hoping for a strong wind

  8. sc4play

    Hooray Yoga Pants!!!


  10. I can already hear the eagle cry as she somersaults into a wagonload of hay

  11. icu

    She started going back to church again because she heard Jesus was hung like that!

  12. With the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games coming in 2016, celebs everywhere are practicing imitations of the “Christ the Redeemer” statue, just in case there is a film version.

  13. SlipperyPimple

    “Hey, Blake, show us one KardashianAss unit for scale.”

  14. Once in a while Fish gives us something like this picture to inspire us with the wonder of nature’s majesty, a spectacle of something incredible. Of course I’m referring to Blake Lively’s ass in yoga pants. The mountains and whatever else that shit is in the background looks kinda cool too I suppose.

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