1. MILF

    “It wasn’t THAT much cellulite.”

  2. Spicoli – the angry years.

  3. The Winchester

    I’ve smiled once in my life.

    Just once.

  4. Serious Sam

    I’m looking at you Barack Obama. Tony Montana gets a medal but nothing for Jeff Spicoli. Did you not see all the work I did in Haiti?

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    He’s between earthquakes

  6. “Maybe I AM an asshole.”

  7. bigalkie

    Actors workshop: ” Ok Sean, give us the short, angry impotent look”.

  8. shouldn’t he be in some shit hole country helping people who hate us?

  9. cc

    Look at all these cumstains.

  10. Jaycee

    I am a serious actor…and a serious douche bag

  11. oldfool

    Stay thirsty, my friends.

  12. Frank The Duck

    Dustin Hoffman grew a moustache?

  13. Raoul

    “Yep. I can still smell her. Glad I never wash this thumb.”

  14. Buddy the Elf

    Sean Penn, Benevolent Dictator.

  15. spartacus

    Las Malvinas? Fuck of Penn you know nothing piece of crap, stick to earning millions playing pretend in front of the camera and leave international politics to people with brains. You stupid stupid cunt.

    • Colostomy Bag

      Politics involves people with brains? WHOA, you got me there, cowboy. I thought it was the playground for fucking imbeciles. One of us has it wrong. Let’s see who is right. If Penn is a douchebag actor who, by virtue of his profession, shouldn’t be near politics, and an actor has been seen as good enough to be elected to the office of president of the United States, then I guess my pov wins.

      • vandinz

        arnold schwarzenegger. You’re wrong.

      • spartacus

        Sorry Mr Bag, Sean Penn may be a great bloke and an inspirational thinker, but he’s just plain wrong in the instance of the Falkland Islands. The people there are British, they wish to remain British and Argentina has absolutely no legitimate claim on them…. Does your POV win? Not my place to say, not yours either.

  16. tlmck

    The most uninteresting man in the world drinks water.

  17. Somewhere under Ben Foster right now, Robin Wright is laughing.

  18. vandinz

    This twat should keep his no-nothing mouth shut. If proximation is grounds for ownership then I’ll have next doors house for fuck all thanks.

  19. lily

    damn he has not aged well…looks like my grandpa

  20. Chris

    Self-important douchebag

  21. “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do……..”

  22. jd

    You DICK!

  23. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    “Wait, people don’t actually post like this?”

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