1. Skip Rediculous

    Kate Upton makes her case to star in the upcoming Something About Mary sequel.

  2. The Winchester

    In all of these pictures, there’s always Candyman in the background saying it all with his eyes.

  3. bigalkie

    Not that she’d be on the same page as me but ” I would” !!!!

  4. Latoya

    At least she doesn’t have tatoos all over her face

  5. cc

    Judging by the faces of the people in the background, there’s something really fierce looking climbing up her back.

  6. Clown Shoes

    It doesn’t matter where this woman goes, she is always overdressed.

  7. She somehow aged 20 years from the last photo i saw of her.

  8. Steelerchick

    Thank you Thank you!! I love you all.

  9. Sliver bra, again. I’m pretty sure it’s in her contract.

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