1. “Why yes it is Gucci! Don’t you just LOVE their winter line?”

  2. “Now let your boyfriend touch it.”

  3. She thought it was weird that the first stripper was named Jersey Mangina

  4. just sayin'

    I hate the jersey shore too, but isn’t it considered bad form to out a guy dude? or is it funny to out one sometimes and then not funny other times? what are the rules?

    also, why is it good to be gay sometimes (eg barney frank gets a standing ovation on the floor of the house when his boyfriend was running a brothel out of his house) but it’s bad other times, like when it’s the situation who’s gay?

    • If by “gets a standing ovation” you mean “got reprimanded by nearly the entire House,” for fixing his then-boyfriend’s parking tickets, and not for the boyfriend’s prostitution operation that he knew nothing about and threw him out over—then yes, that’s exactly what happened.

    • Jonas Grumby

      All fascinating questions, consult your local parson for answers.

  5. ReaderLeafer

    chick: “Can I? I’ve never touched a gay greaseball’s dick before!”
    Stitch: “Hey now! Don’t you MAKE me throw my pinktini all over you!”

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “You had me at thumb up my ass”

  7. Jerry

    “Stop that tickles”

  8. Bonky

    The Situation and a transgender filipino, it’s love at first sight.

  9. cc

    Oh good, your a tranny.

  10. Clown Shoes

    Let’s play a game. Try to spot something manly in this photo.

  11. “See? Nothing!”

  12. Jersy-Hater

    I know that a lot of people play the “air guitar” but I never saw a stupid bitch play the “Air Penis”. Hey Situation, you’re a fucking LOSER!

  13. Frank The Duck

    The Tropicana? Classy joint, I guess the Cosmo was too low rent…hahahahaa

  14. Buddy the Elf

    Is he seriously still milking this routine?

  15. Mike FRAGETRW

    TOMFRANK; I can hear your lisp from here, arms akimbo and stamping your little feet.

  16. Perez

    Pictured here: the first of many drinks he requires to have sex with a woman.

  17. “WoW!!” “You’re right!” “That DOES almost feel real!!”

  18. Steelerchick

    Why is that Chinese man grabbing his crotch??

  19. George P Burdell

    Does this outfit make me look gay?

  20. Bane

    “Now smell your fingers. I know right?!?! Right?!?!”

  21. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    From Jersey Shore to Cabana Boy… Not even his teeth are straight.

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