1. dontkillthemessenger

    Yes, Chewie was my favorite Star Wars character.

  2. Fat fucking Pig. I hate Oprah.

  3. Well I guess someone is trying to reclaim their ownership of the term wookie-wallet…

  4. Skip Rediculous

    So now we know Jabba smokes cloves.

  5. Colin

    And the student has surpassed the master, or in this case, the slave princess has surpassed the Hutt.

  6. bonerspunk

    “Look at the size of that thing?” – Red 2

  7. pretty vacant

    dudes in the background are the aicn geeknerd 30 year olds that follow princess leia all around dreaming of the day she marries them in her slave leia outfit.

  8. ReaderLeafer

    Darth: “I’m your father!”
    Luke: “I’m your brother!”
    Jabba: “I’m your uncle! And yes, I’m afraid it runs in the family. Have your blood sugar checked regularly…”

  9. But where’s Rhea Pearlman? Did they break up?

  10. Kondumb

    What the fuck Patton Oswald just had short hair, what is this witchery?

  11. Pipedreamer

    Help me, Jenny Craig! You’re my only hope!

  12. “Adele, congrats on the Grammy!”

  13. Bonky

    It’s “Princess I-Really-Got-To-Lay-Down”

  14. Cock Dr

    I will NOT dis the princess.
    Even though she is making it pretty goddamned easy.

  15. cc

    Little known fact that Jabba the Hut met his demise when Princess Leia ate him.

  16. ChickenHawk

    “ET phone a neck transplant specialist!”

  17. Dammit Lucas…your 3D conversion has gone horribly wrong!

  18. Codot

    On the bright side, now SHE holds the chain to the dancing girls.

  19. Camel toe? More like Jabba’s armpit, amirite?

  20. Raoul

    Yes. Because a cigarette is *really* what you need right now.

  21. spartacus

    That’s no moon!

  22. Supadupa

    The force is strong with her…By force I of course mean gravity.

  23. tlmck

    You mean Jenny Craig is a sham? Who knew?

  24. surveysays

    Bullshit. That’s Danny Devito!

  25. George P Burdell

    It looks like slave Leia has spent a lot of time with her hand in the frog jar

  26. “My doctor told me to stop eating beef jerky.” “He didnt say anything about smoking it!!” (wink wink)

  27. Steelerchick

    Hope that thing doesn’t blow up in her face.

  28. squishy

    All class and no bra…

  29. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Wow, I thought Roseanne was doing pretty good!

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