1. Let me get this straight: PETA gets its panties in a bunch when an animal is killed for its fur but lets Silverman walk around dragging the only companion she can get????

  2. Cock Dr

    That outfit is such a cry for attention.
    Give me the boots, leave the rest.

  3. SSHGuru

    Apparently she stepped in crap and is deciding if it’s worth doing something about.

  4. Peuta

    If you need a friend that badly try a fish.

  5. Pipedreamer

    If Sarah stripped down to her natural hairy goodness, could you tell them apart?

  6. How did Kat Von D get her tattoos removed so fast, and so effectively? (My actual first reaction to this picture.)

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    You wouldn’t even guess there was a back brace until you scroll down to the boots

  8. Deacon Jones

    “………ah! There’s my relevance, right there in the street next to the dog turd.”

  9. Odd…she looks like she’s roller skating, but she’s not roller skating. But I guess it’s consistent because she looks like she’s a comedian…

  10. cc

    This stockings and boots in the LA heat? I hope there’s Micatin in that purse.

  11. j/k

    She always makes me go “Hey! Oh, it’s Sarah Silverman.”

  12. Silverman-Hater

    Hey look at the bitch taking a dog for a walk or is that a dog taking a bitch for a walk? Either way I really feel sorry for the smaller one with four legs and no “fuck-me I’m a slut” boots on.

    Fuck You Sarah Silverman, you useless cunt!!!

  13. Black Zebra

    Jimmy Kimmel feels better by the minute.

  14. tlmck

    Dog is saying “Don’t do it bitch! I’ve already peed there”.

  15. richie

    blind and dumb m-f’ers! Sarah’s a hottie and is cool as f*@#!!!

  16. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    “Jimmy, I didn’t say you could pee there… That’s the puppy’s hydrant.”

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