1. Is she taking pole hanging lessons from Kim Kardashian?

  2. Oprah Winfrey is a big, fat, horrible cunt.

  3. Adam

    Good to know Reebok has gotten into the selling boners game.

  4. ktulu

    She is sure getting a lot of work since losing her baby. Glad to see she is so chipper and didn’t have to wait to get her pre-pregnancy body back in shape. That worked out well for her didn’t it?

  5. Since she’s good friends with Riley Steele now methinks she needs to follow her into Adult movies.

  6. suck it

    I love her.
    Total girl crush.

  7. Yet if I masturbate in the Reebok store at the outlet mall, I’m the pervert.

  8. These are the sneakers that tone your butt while you walk? You win, Reebok. You win.

  9. and Reebok sells what? Condoms?

  10. So what’r we selling here? Shoes? Broken glass? Expired baloney? fuck it, I’ll take six.

  11. Bonky

    Reebok still uses tight ass sluts to sell EasyTones even though they have been sued for it ?

  12. Pipedreamer

    Day One at “The Kardashian Finishing School” where “finishing” has a completely DIFFERENT meaning.

  13. turd da third

    would have been better if she was riding the bar, I would like her Easy Bone shoes

  14. anonym

    she can sit on my face and smother my dick with her tits.

  15. Bleach

    Does this rag smell like chloroform to you

  16. Good lord, I would toss that salad.

  17. cc

    I am pulling my goalie.

  18. I’ll take two of whatever the fuck she’s selling.

  19. GuyLeDouche

    That picture has to be a fake: no way ANYTHING in that woman’s hands is merely horizontal.

  20. Sean Connery

    Tied up in McFeely Smackup’s basement again, I see…

  21. So if a girl wears those shoes, they’ll have Kelly Brook’s ass in this shot? I would challenge a plastic surgeon to pull off that same trick.

  22. spartacus

    Kelly Brook is magnificent

  23. tlmck

    So if I wear these shoes I can get a girl like Kelly?

  24. richie

    always awesome.

  25. Mama Pinkus

    She doesn’t look like a whore. No.

  26. turd da third

    If these ass toning shoes really work, I am going to run out and get a pair for both my wife and my girlfriend.

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