1. B&WMinstrel

    The blonde leading the blonde

  2. How sure is Fish in his captioning? I mean, this has to be Rumor Willis with Tara Reid, right?

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    At least the real Macauley Culkin got fingered by Michael Jackson. These Jedward assholes have no excuse.

  4. A blonde Twilight reboot? I’m in.

  5. jorge

    i bet thats his purse

  6. I like his hat, but it’s missing a “b”

  7. Sure enough, it was a penis. Not his, not anyone’s he knew. How it got in there, he couldn’t guess. But he was certain now of one thing: Tara was officially off the wagon again.

  8. TARA: “You love my pursey?!? All this time I thought you were saying you loved my…”

  9. I don’t think I’ve seen Samantha Ronson look so healthy! Or so feminine.

  10. Is she still married?

  11. Future Justin Beiber with his wife, who is also Tara Reid.

  12. You’d think that despite the decision to go outside wearing a sparkly gold shirt, studded white leather vest, and lightning bolt skinny girl pants, even this tool would know better than to turn and look when Tara Reid comes up behind him and says ‘hey. wanna see my purse full of aborted fetuses?’

  13. “Oh shit! They’re searching people! Here, hold my purse. Whatever they find in it, is not mine understand?”

  14. “Here, Butch, don’t forget your purse.”

  15. Just Sayin'

    It use to be the cure of married men having to hold their wive’s purse. Now, it is the ex-celebrity having to hold the dork’s purse. No wonder she is pudhing it back upon him. It has things even an ex-celebrity would never have in it! How embarrising!

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