1. A Mr. Bean reboot? I’m in

  2. jorge

    ‘scuse me while i whip this out

  3. “Whew! Did you see Deacon Jones get hammered and fall through a courtyard table in Barcelona last year, too?”

  4. “…she’s so wrinkly she can grate cheese on her neck… oh that’s hahaaaaa good, my friend… I’ll make sure I tell her…ha hahaaaaaa I thought she was so… she was so hahahaaaaaaa wrinkly she has to screw her hat on…. hahaaaaaaaaaaa…. [sniff] My God I love that woman!”

  5. No, you sound like the Nasanex bee. No, you sound like the Nasanex bee. Anyway, lets go run that relay, and return Flavor Flav clock.

  6. So, what is he now? A ‘Spanish Advertising Executive’?

  7. “Okay, I will swap wives with you, just please…don’t give me my wife back!”

  8. “I hate it when dandruff gets all over the shoulder of my nice suit…”

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