1. cmonreally

    “How big is it? This big – and I still manage to get more and better tail than anyone else.”

  2. coljack

    “George, you acted with Matt in Syriana, all thirteen of the Ocean’s franchise and now you’ve brought him into your production of the Monuments Men. It all invites this question: if you had to estimate it, how gay would you say you are for Matt?”

  3. donkeylicks

    “Mr Clooney, did you enjoy getting the chance to reunite with your former Ocean’s 11 cast mate for Monument Men?”
    “Remember what Mr. Hallorann said… it’s just like pictures in a book George… it isn’t real.”

  4. “I’m crushing your head.”

  5. fred

    “. . . and then I was like, ‘No Jonah. Your talent is this big. Of course you can’t hang out with us. Take your slobbering puckered lips over to Leo’s ass.’”

  6. Swearin

    “Mr. Clooney, how much time and energy did you and your writing partner put into the script for Monuments Men?”

  7. Visible Ink

    You promise Brad will never see or hear of this… You’re absolutelly sure?! Ok… Well, it’s about this big. If you don’t believe me just look at Matt.

  8. “So George, what are the chances of you doing another Batman movie?”

  9. “THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is my one and only butt-scratching finger.”

  10. “…starring Matt Damon as Jonah Hill…”

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