1. Please just go and stay away…

  2. No, you don’t look human yet. You look like that creature from Splice.

  3. kafak

    This is the first time in months that she’s been able to cram her massive ass in jeans, no wonder she did a pap stroll.

  4. “Well, we’re going to need all month, and Engineering is definitely going to have to get involved, but I think we can do it.” – Rep for Levi Strauss.

  5. I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes?

  6. Sorry, it’s just a fat ass.

  7. fred

    Looking through the window, that guy’s thinking it’s not half bad. Wait til he gets a “load” of that ass.

  8. Mom jeans … ♪

  9. I like her. I think she’s very pretty and sexy, and I’d like to perform abominable acts against nature on her.

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