1. If she just opened her mouth like that for the men she dates maybe she wouldn’t be broken up with so many of them…
    Just sayin….

  2. Bonky

    Taylor Swift performing her new country single “You broke my heart so
    now I am going to fucking kill you in your sleep (If I can find out
    where you are hiding)”.

  3. BB

    …and so Taylor Swift’s transformation into ‘Banjo Courtney Love’ begins…

  4. ♫ “Will the cherry stay unbroken … ” ♪

  5. Finally! Some serious competition for Steve Martin!

  6. alex

    Right BB!

    It’s hard to look “badass rock and roll” when you’re sporting a Roy Clark relic….

    • Urbanspaceman

      It’s hard to look “badass rock and roll” while wearing something that looks like it was taken out of a figure skater’s trash, complete with the flesh-tone piece of modesty-fabric.

  7. The Pope

    “He ate a crocodile!”

  8. FtG

    Love me, love my banjo.

  9. fred

    WonderCountry Woman

  10. the magic johnson

    I doubt it’s plugged in, and if it is, here’s hoping it’s turned down in the mix. Same goes for the banjo.

  11. Slappy Magoo

    I’d like to dedicate this to my next boyfriend, I call it “YOU Are the Man of Constant Sorrow.”

  12. George P. Burdell

    Paddle faster! I hear banjo music!

  13. Gene

    That’s a 6 string banjo and sounds like a guitar. Nothing like the 5 string that Steve Martin play and does so very well. Taylor Swift looks great!

  14. I love banjos. This talentless mop handle doesn’t deserve its glory.

  15. Swearin

    And this is in no way a metaphor for female masturbation

  16. I wonder if she’s managed to snare another man yet? The next album isn’t going to write itself.

  17. Free_Speech

    I think I could overlook the fact that she’s emotionally stuck at twelve years old forever.

    “Oh Taylor! Those mean girls were sooo mean to you! Let the disrobing commence!”

  18. Gin&Tonic

    It’s a pity that she’s actually really hot but totally un-doable. You’re better off with chicks like Katy Perry who by night are desperate to shake off their conservative christian childhood edicts but by the next day are too ashamed by said edicts to ever right a song about you.

    Not that I’ve put a lot of thought into this or anything…

  19. tlmck

    “I been workin’ hard ya’ll. I know how to play both strings on this sucker!”


  21. I’ve got a banjo you can strum, girly…right HERE! Be careful so you avoid getting any “music” on your dress.

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