1. Damn that is one fine ass and she markets it perfectly

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    Is it racist if I can’t tell one hot chick with sand on her ass from another?

  3. Bonky

    Sandy Cheeks

  4. i came in like a twerking ball

    Dear Anastasia,
    I live in Santa Barbara, and would like to offer my professional photography services. We can do better!

    • Jeez, dude, just walk up and down the beach until you see her, then take a few pictures and offer them for sale to sites like these. If you don’t find her, you’ll probably find someone just as good. Fish and Photo Boy don’t seem too particular about the bikini chicks they put up here.

  5. I wish she’d smile instead of looking like she’s got sand in her vagina. Oh, wait.

  6. coljack

    In between selfies, she sometimes surfs! I hear…

  7. Echo5

    Larry King shot all over that ass

  8. Slappy Magoo

    Like sand through the hourglass…

  9. I’d offer to brush her off, but I don’t want to get sand in my pee hole

  10. George P. Burdell

    The Full Kardashian

  11. I’d knock the sand off dat ass.

  12. Gin&Tonic

    Why so serious? You’re an attention whore peddling your ass for the cameras, own it and hold that head high!

  13. Mick

    Must be having a lot of sex. Her ass seems to be getting bigger.

  14. Visible Ink

    Nice ass. Like that ‘I hate myself so I’ll have sex with anyone’ look… Can’t help it. I like girls I might have a chance with.

  15. Hell, I’d LICK the sand off that ass!

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