1. wrynoceros

    The face of a man who realizes he will never be King…

  2. donkeylicks

    Maxwell Sheffield, you tramp!

  3. maoix

    Does a tailor cost a king’s ransom or something over there?

  4. Nice pimp suit.

  5. Phoenix

    Are monarch’s hearts on the other side or is he just confused by the life passing out of him?

  6. “Spectacle, testicles, wallet…SHIT!”

  7. thecrazybetty

    red stubby beefy paws.

  8. his hand looks like a Dungeoness crab.

  9. Oh, the indignity…they’ve slashed his budget from “horse drawn carriage” down to “horse drawn umbrella.”

  10. “Oh, God! Bruce Jenner’s latest surgery…it’s awful!”

  11. Visible Ink

    - Oh, oh. This is the big one. I know it. She’s dying. You hear that Camilla?! I can feel it…
    - *sigh* Not again!… Shut up, Charles. You’re mother is fine!

  12. “Your highness, the queen mum says it’s about time you got a real job.”

  13. “Sometimes I get the feeling that after my legs were crushed, Camilla started cuckolding me with members of my security team,”

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