1. It’s not a tumoh!!

  2. Jade

    Apple store? Really dude? You just lost cool points.

  3. I really hope this is for a role…

  4. Going to Schwarzenegger’s stylist, I see.

  5. Holy crap. Did I, err, he get old.

  6. BP

    More like Matt Grayin…….

  7. Where's Dildo

    Ben Affleck finally latched on for good

  8. EricLr

    The Bourne Alopecia

  9. uj

    Who’s going to translate between Maaat Daaymoon and the Genious bar? I don’t see that working out too well without one.

  10. Montana

    Man, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is getting GRAY.

  11. Mr. Poop

    Larry David is looking pretty good these days.

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    WTF happened to this guy? I guess 2012 really was the year of Ben Affleck.

  13. When did Matt Damon become an old, black man?

  14. The Royal Penis

    This isn’t Matt Damon, it’s his clone-Bitch Damon.

    The difference being he’s slowly dissolving and a little slow in the head.

    *rimshot* for obscure Family Guy inside joke

  15. Buddy The Elf

    OF COURSE he was at the Apple store.

    That’s where Hollywood people hang out between roles, when there are no world events to get behind.

  16. your mom

    whoa. someone’s losing a bet with god…

  17. Livid

    Since when did Matt Damon go from Jason Bourne to looking like my cousin Paul who thinks that discussing string theory is appropriate party conversation? That image must been unseen! Cleanse! Cleanse!

  18. [img]×225-200×200.jpg[/img]
    Matt Damon

  19. Biff

    He needs to thin his hair out more on the sides, because he reminds me of that clown on the Simpsons looking like that.

  20. dude

    Robert Klein?

  21. Married David Cross looks different.

  22. Never go full Travolta.

  23. Heywood Jablomie

    Gayson Bourne doing Magnum Steel.

  24. Jeff

    When did Matt Damon become a creepy junior high science teacher?

  25. Arlene

    How long has he had that tumor on the side of his head?

  26. EZ-B

    Matt Damon pictured with his litte-seen conjoined twin, Bert.

  27. HeaveHo

    I didn’t know hedgehogs had faces like that. Then again, I didn’t know they wore glasses.

  28. Drundel

    Affleck you were the bomb in Phantoms, Yo!

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