1. Diablo Dude

    Her Thighness has arrived.

  2. jorge

    “I don’t want her, you can have her. She’s too fat for me.”

  3. catapostrophe

    There’s just no way it doesn’t reek all day long.

  4. The camera man in the background brought the wrong lens. He needs a fish-eye for this shot.

  5. Why do I have a sudden urge for ham?

  6. Fat, smelly, disgusting armo trash.

  7. Where's Dildo

    She looks like a fat Georgia Salpa

  8. Mr. Poop

    that dyke who always follows her around stuck her ugly face into the top right corner

  9. Jon Hex

    Herpes? You crazy for that one, Fish. All I see is hump.

  10. richie

    just awful.

  11. Schmidtler

    Do the airlines maker her buy 2 seats, or three?

  12. Salad Face

    The tuck job on that guy. Ru would be proud.

  13. Buddy The Elf

    Moooo O ooooooo

  14. Montana

    Wow, what a big ass.
    Ummm… She got peed on in a sex tape!
    Ahhhh… fake wedding!
    Yea, I’m out. I think this one’s all dried up.

  15. Cock Dr

    That is one big rump roast under there.

  16. Cold Turkey

    Nice rounded diaper!

  17. Toe Jam

    She’s not fat…just her butt is fat. :P

  18. Sheppy

    I wish she’d wear clothes which left more to the imagination.

  19. So this is what happens when you fuck black guys….

    Your ass gets fat from eating too much fried chicken.


  20. Kim, when your ass is straining to escape cotton interlock, it’s time to buy a sturdier fabric.

  21. Bionic_Crouton

    Still on the Krispy Kreme diet plan I see…

  22. Anthony Scuzzione

    They’ve rediscovered Flubber !!!!!!

  23. Bloke from the Poke

    “why don’t you go back to your home on Whore Island?”

  24. Mama Pinkus

    gross…..just gross…..30 is hitting this fat gal like a ton of bricks

  25. Jeff

    Hey, she stole Aguilera’s horse costume!

  26. Little Tongue

    Bulbous is the word.

  27. suck it


  28. Holy shit! She’s even wider from the side than she is from the back.

  29. Mark

    Holy shit! She’s even wider from th side than she is from the back.

  30. Oz Matters

    This looks very much like Frame 351 from the Patterson-Gimlin film.

  31. Skeeter

    I’d pee on her and sit on her face.

  32. donkeylicks

    Hope he has his wide angle lens in place

  33. claire

    I like her– she looks like average, everyday women. I appreciate that!

  34. If woman are smuggling coke in there breast implants, just imagine what she could smuggle!!

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