1. She has to wear her hair in a bun to hide the 3 pounds of extra skin.

  2. KC

    I didn’t know that they let geriatric cats into galas.

  3. Ripple of Hope? Nope, joke’s too easy.

  4. EricLr

    Boy’s, we’re going into that trench just below the eye and we’re going in full throttle. That outta keep those fighters off our backs!

  5. Look out, Snow White! Don’t eat that apple!

  6. Jason

    Jane Fonda, is that you?

  7. Man o man she sure did screw her face up! I mean literally!

  8. Schmidtler

    So, that’s what you get when you combine 3 parts gin, 4 parts crazy and half the makeup counter from Rite Aid.

  9. Why so serious?

  10. Ripple of Hope Gala? More like the No Hope in Ripple Gala.

  11. It’s amazing what they can do with surgery and Botox these days, it’s also sad what they can’t!

  12. Darth Mung

    I loved her in Punisher: War Zone!

  13. LilDeuceDeuce

    Ke$ha cleaned up her act a bit. Good for her!

  14. Oh Please!

    Does she have a disease on her eyes?

  15. Bloke from the Poke

    “baby, your shit done gone bad “

  16. Mama Pinkus

    you cannot fix years of cigarettes, booze and sun with face injections

  17. monstrous. monstrously sad too.

  18. Phoenix

    Do not zoom!
    DO NOT ZOOM!!!!

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