1. Frankenstein’s bride… and that lady with the white streak…

  2. Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! I’m still relevant, right!

  3. Her old fake tits are starting to look like old fake tits.

  4. joe

    She shares a forehead stylist with Christina Ricci.

  5. shonzie

    WTF is behind her? Kill it with fire!

  6. EricLr

    Good to see Frankenstein’s bride is doing well, with her job in that bookstore.

  7. Ah Sharon, harkening back to days when she was relevant…and her boobs were even.

  8. Tidbit

    Even with the key right there, nobody wants to unlock the chastity belt underneath.

  9. Where's Dildo

    Wow. The make-up artists work magic with Sofia Vergara.

  10. uj

    Looks like that lady to the left saw Sharon’s va-jay-jay (recently).

  11. Mr. Poop

    looks like professor mcgonagall got a little too close with magneto

  12. Contusion

    Good to see Annie Liebowitz again.

  13. Schmidtler

    Knowing where Sharon Stone has been, I’d rather do the freaky looking chick to her right.

  14. pff

    Why did Sideshow Bob dye his hair?

  15. A remake of “Stuck on You?”

  16. The Royal Penis

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me….but if Grandma Stone ever gave me a chance to hit it I would…without mercy.

    For that matter I’d probably do Madonna still to though(with a condom). I wouldn’t do J-Lo though….I have my standards…even if they are marginally low.

  17. it had to be said

    Apparently Cruella DeVille thinks Sharon Stone knows where the Dalmatians are.

  18. I assume Fading Gigolo is her biopic

  19. 1, 2 Freddie came for her!

  20. Cock Dr

    She needs more botox.

  21. zomgbie

    you would think dr frankenstein would have given the bride of frankenstein a better set of eyes.

  22. Dude, don’t hate on the gray-haired lady. She is working the runway right there.

  23. I think we all know who is bringing the glamor to this shot.
    S’up, Weird Al?

  24. Joe

    Madonna should take notes.

  25. She better gives those Dalmatians back.

  26. Don Draper's Dad

    Sarah Jessica Parker gets around.

  27. Rogue from the X-Men did not age well.

  28. Butt Fuck the whole lot of them, Sharon. I think you look terrific and I’d descend on you like The Nautilus.

  29. navvet75

    i don’t care I like nips

  30. JungleRed

    She looks hot. She should pay Jewish Indira Ghandi to stand next to her all the time.

  31. EZ-B

    I know most women keep an “ugly friend” around to make themselves look better. In Sharon’s case, she obviously knew how far she had to go…

  32. The Casino remake was cancelled chick…oh wait, you died already…

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