1. Diablo Dude

    I salute her.

  2. Looking very Sheen-y.

  3. Not dead yet? AND pulling in women like this? WTF? Is he apprenticing Charlie Sheen now?

  4. EricLr

    Well, at least he doesn’t molest me like dad.

  5. She’s smiling because she gets the joke. Sadly, Corey is not joking.

  6. Feldman must be a complete pro at knocking over ATMs to keep scoring trim like this. Maybe it’s the wacky disguises.

  7. Tidbit

    Pleeeease be heading out to an overindulging night out at the Viper Room.

  8. Happy_Evil_Dude

    I sadly know women like this

  9. Contusion

    That idiot has been rockin’ this same bad goofy look for about 15 years and somehow he still has some hot chick in tow. Chicks are lame.

  10. Cold Turkey

    ugly 90′s shoes..

  11. mismy

    If I was really rich (is he? idk).. regardless, I would wear whatever the fuck I wanted whenever, like kids do. Because when you have money, you don’t have to worry what people think. Wait a sec.. I don’t have to worry what people think now?? Ummm hmmm yeah, changed my mind, looks like a lot of work just to look like a psychedelic matador.

    COREY: “Look, I’ll give you $50.00 to let me pull you past these paparazzi. No, that’s my final offer, it’s money that should be going towards rent. No, I’m the OTHER Corey, the one that’s still alive. Of course, I’m sure.”

  13. The only people who keep an unlit 100 in their mouths are bingo players and Corey Feldman.

  14. Deacon Jones

    Wow, this girl is SMOKING

  15. Buddy The Elf

    Who says it doesn’t pay to sleep with aging pedophiles and chimpanzees?

  16. Women *do* like a sense of humour.

  17. your mom

    Fish, there is a big difference between doing something and pulling it off. He may have some cash, some drugs and dressed like an asshole on Halloween, but he’s pulling nothing off. Except maybe whatever line he gave that hooker…

  18. Cock Dr

    I admire the audacity of his wardrobe choices.

  19. zomgbie

    its obvious that russian girl really thinks charlie sheen will get her big job in big hollywood movie.

  20. Toe Jam

    Judging from her outfit, and smile…Soviet mail order bride, is the only explanation.

  21. I can’t believe he pulls trim l like this using the “Hey, I was in Goonies” line.

  22. Bigalkie

    Nice shoes Buster Brown.. and how many roofies did you have to ply this chick with? She is miles out of your league.

  23. I thought it was a Halloween photo at first. I’m still not convinced it isn’t.

  24. Bionic_Crouton

    She was so impressed by the story of a cop who bought shoes for a homeless man she decided to give charity to the next homeless person she saw. That’s when she ran into Corey Feldman.

  25. Biff

    WTF? He doesn’t have money. How is he getting these hookups?

  26. Mama Pinkus

    he looks happy; rock on, Corey

  27. Mickey01232000

    There is nothing quite as inspiring as the sight of an aging deuchebag.

  28. Jeff

    He is either great with investing his money or has a huge penis. There is literally no other explanation.

  29. Mike701

    Some hookers have no pride.

  30. Didn’t know the Girl Scouts also gave out merit badges for assisting the elderly .

  31. No accounting for taste, but then again, prostitutes are very discerning when it comes to their clientele.

  32. navvet75

    jessica beil?

  33. HeaveHo

    You just know that underneath it all, there’s still a rat tail.

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