1. “Your Halle was valued at 56 million, but that’s market price. The economy is slow, she’s going to take forever to sell, I’ll have to build a display case, have her restored….you know, the crazy bitch market is down, too. Then there’s the auction house cut. Three years ago, hell, I’d give you 30 million.

    I’ll give you 300 bucks for her.”

  2. “She’s a normal client. She’s not crazy. She’s not crazy! Happy place…”

  3. “mmmmm chocolate farts from heaven”

  4. Michael Chiklis appears to really be enjoying himself

  5. Nothing like sunshine on a bald head on a chilly day.

  6. Schmidtler

    Bitch, you can be banging Mr. Clean all damned day & night, you’re still a dirty, dirty whore!

  7. Leather Balls

    Mats Sundin

  8. He’s actually closing his eyes since he’s about to get the hell beat out of him!

  9. zomgbie


  10. this is the face of a guy who just agreed to murder Gabriel Aubry for a lifetime of quickies from behind.

  11. Bionic_Crouton

    Halle: “Make me feel Goood!”

  12. Colin

    “Ah, Littlefinger, you can even provide a eunuch with the finest whores.”

  13. “Don’t you worry, Ms. Berry. Just let that Olivier Q. Frogslegs try to fuck with ME!”

  14. EZ-B

    Apparently, “crazy” gives off a radiant, comforting warmth.

  15. Billy Zane always trying to grab the lime light!

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