1. jorge

    they spelled dumb wrong on her hat

  2. Rihanna, why are you hiding your eye… oh… never mind…”

  3. At least he’s finally covering up her face. Hiding bruises you say? I say either way it’s an improvement.

  4. Jade

    She’s wearing the wrong hat.

    She confused that one with her “Attention Whore” hat.

  5. Oh, man. Chris Brown’s going to beat the shit out of her for wearing his hat.

  6. That’s odd…”Chris Brown’s” isn’t spelled s-u-p-r-e-m-e.

  7. FX

    I would love to see her on The Human Centipede 3

  8. May Johner

    She looks beat.

  9. Miles

    Dear Santa: Please take her and Chris Brown down in a fiery plane crash. No one would give a rats ass. Maybe girls can look up to a woman of stature. She is such trash.

  10. Netta

    There comes a point when you look at a picture on this site and can’t even try to give a funny caption because the whole situation is just that bad. Simply, this bitch is so stupid.

  11. it had to be said

    I thought the “Supreme” came with sour cream and cheese. This one just has bruises.

  12. I would actually watch Wife Swap if Kanye and Chris were on the show. I’d love to see Kim get the shit kicked out of her.

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    I thought the rule was you weren’t suppose to wear stupid bitch after Labor day.

  14. Sheppy

    Dat Ass.
    She also has quite a nice derrière.

  15. Rhianna lounging with her wife-beater… I mean, IN her wife-beaters.

  16. Mama Pinkus

    is it possible to go a day without seeing this narcissistic bitch?

  17. didn’t her last tweet with dumbass say something along the lines of ‘what would today’s music scene look like without these 2 kids?” I’ll tell ya, it would look a lot less like worthless trash. And sound better too. So. Over. Her.

  18. anonym

    supreme bitches deserve to get bitch slapped by chris brown.

    I hope they record the abuse on video

  19. She and her boyfriend are human garbage.

  20. From this vantage point she certainly seems to have a pretty butt with a banging pair of child-bearing hips. She may be a total mess upstairs, but I like the look of her staircase.

  21. dirtdog

    she is a pig.

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