1. Diablo Dude

    I’m pretty sure these are wax figures also.

  2. If this is all it takes to win in visual arts, then… uhmmm what was I saying? Boobs, right…

  3. Papp: “You know we can see your date’s nipples, right?”

  4. So the Turner Prize is an award for diamond-cutters?

  5. EricLr

    This looks like a painting you would find on the wall of the most haunted goddamned house in history.

  6. holy children of the corn…between the dead-eye stares and the nipples, I can’t look away

    • Skeezix

      Well, it is an award for visual artists…and the cognitive dissonance between her droid-like stare and her pointy “let’s-play-cause-it’s-about-to-be-naked-time” nipples is pure genius.

  7. Where's Dildo

    It’s like the photog just said “pew pew!”

  8. There’s a whole lot of fun being had here.

  9. Tidbit

    Quick, show that British warmth and emotion for the cameras!

  10. MH

    Nice tits for 45 & human feces is funny!

    An Eighties pop singer has scooped this year’s Turner Prize – beating a nudist and a sculptor that makes models of human faeces.
    Elizabeth Price, 45, formerly of obscure pop group Talulah Gosh, won the £25,000 accolade for her abstract film based on a fire tragedy.

  11. B.andWM.instrel

    A pair of flamers

  12. I’m glad you cropped this photo so far above Jude’s crotch!

  13. Those hat-peg nips… the more-than crazy eyes… bet she rocks the casbah like ten nannies!

  14. Buddy The Elf

    Keep your eye on the prize.

  15. MRF

    Her nipples look just as confused as her eyes.

  16. pff

    These wax figures at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood lack some color.

  17. Don Draper's Dad

    I thought you said you were Jude Law. What the hell are all these photographers doing here?

  18. Awkward moment 183. Jude Law realizing he’s as useless as nipples on a breastplate.

  19. Bionic_Crouton

    Pokies Mon! “Gotta catch ‘em all!”

  20. They look like they just joined scientology.

  21. Mickey01232000

    It must have chilly there.

  22. zomgbie

    definitely double wall-eyeds.

  23. Vlad

    Why even bother with the bra?

  24. TayTay

    This is a strange situation where the nipples are straight but the eyes are wonk…

  25. That’s a nice set on a woman her age.

  26. Tony

    Stop making fun of her. She has Aniston’s Syndrome, and it’s nothing to laugh at. Did you know that this disease affects nearly half a million women in the US alone? Many women who suffer this affliction will never know the joy of wearing a tight, clingy top. Instead they are forced to endure a daily routine that includes adhesive nipple covers and heavily padded bras. The sufferers of Aniston’s Syndrome don’t want your pity, they just want your acceptance. .

  27. PinaColitis

    “Ms. Jones is thawing! We need 10 liters of liquid nitrogen, stat!”

  28. Dick Trickle

    Jude Law with Turner Prize 2012 Winner Elizabeth Price’s nipples in London.

  29. Here we see Elizabeth Price modelling a bra from Victoria’s Secret Marty Feldman collection with her escort Ben Linus from LOST.

  30. Cock A do A Do

    Holy Nipples Batman!! Don’t look too close, I did and lost an eye.

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