1. She’s probably thinking, “Back when I was younger, I could have hooked up with someone the caliber of Tom Jones.”

  2. She’s got a Morgan Freeman fetish and he’s got a Lindsay Lohan one.
    They’re made for each other!

  3. It’s not unusual to turn into Morgan Freeman after doing drugs with Kate Moss.

  4. Kate Moss thought bubble: “He really needs a facelift.”

    Tom Jones thought bubble: “She really needs a fake tan.”

  5. JimBB

    So nice of her to date Fredrick Douglas.

  6. That hairline is definitely unusual.

  7. “I loved your work in ‘March of the Penguins.’”

    “I loved your work in ‘Basic Instinct.’”

  8. Johnny P!

    Usually, aging celebs get face lifts.
    Tom decided to have the lower half of his face lowered.
    Ah, the Welsh!
    Gotta love their quirky ways…

  9. Even Tom Jones has to take out the trash.

  10. “She’s a L-” hahaha, no, seriously guys, I can’t.

  11. Yeah, sure Kate – you’re having a great time together now, but wait until the 9th time he belts out ‘What’s new pussycat’.

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