1. This Walhberg is more popular among Asians.

  2. “Dayumm, you are bald back here son”

  3. “OH…MY…GOD! You’re the brother of somebody famous!”

  4. JC

    “For real, bro, he reeks of easily preventable diseases!”

  5. JimBB

    He’s hired his own personal gay guy to yell “OH SNAP!” every time he makes a joke.

  6. “Stupid! You’re so stupiiiid!”

  7. Oooooohmigod, guys, you gotta hear this guy’s impression of Mark Wahlberg!

  8. ScienceSavesUs

    “Oooooh!!!! I’m telling Jenny you got a Tdap booster as recommended by your doctor based on sound scientific evidence to maintain herd immunity and protect babies! You’re gonna be in trouble!!!”

  9. Swearin

    He looks like he’s possessed by the ghost of Old Mickey Rooney

  10. Johnny Barbells


    …yeah, i’m topical like that.

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