1. You know how some men say “I can’t believe that dude got her” and some women say “I can’t believe she got him”?
    Well, I present you with the middle ground.

  2. Death and Death Warmed Over.

  3. Which one’s which?

  4. donkeylicks

    Ewan McGregor’s taking his role in trainspotting 2 way too far.

  5. Instead of “brains,” these zombies walk around saying, “heroin.”

  6. Cock Dr

    Dear lord…you can get greasey & a contact high just from glancing at the photo.

  7. It looks like “If Riff Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show was dating a Madame Tussaud was figure of Paz de la Puerta.”

  8. anonymous

    Why does she always look so greasy?

  9. Oops!

    It looks like “If Riff Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show was dating a Madame Tussaud WAX figure of Paz de la Puerta.”

  10. I had to wipe the grease off my computer screen.

  11. JimBB

    She figured if anyone knew where to score heroin, it would be Axl Rose.

  12. Bonky

    What’s sadder ? Watching a lonely puppy sit outside in the cold
    rain or these two having sex ?

  13. caley

    Hey, The Walking Dead’s over for a while! These two are late to the party!

  14. yeookay

    Kurt Cobain Lives!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I have to know his pick up line.

  16. “Maybe your cunny isn’t quite the draw you think it is.”

  17. That is one clammy relationship.

  18. Johnny P!

    Spaz de la Hurtya: ‘Baby, your hair looks real greasy. You gotta wash it when we get home’.
    Boyfriend: ‘I already did, but you rubbed your face on it in the bar after your 12th bourbon, remember?’
    Spaz: ‘I will fucking CUT you!!!!’

  19. Looks as if they have both given up on life.

  20. cc

    Dear Diary,

    I was awesome today. I was going to gala, but I spotted this homeless guy. So I took the homeless guy to the Black Friday sale at Walmart for some new clothes. Then I took him home and fucked him. I wished I’d remembered to get soap.

    Aren’t I a sweet person?

  21. “After our date, you can take me back to the homeless shelter and scrub the shit stains out of my only pair of pants as we watch two guys make love and fight over a ham sandwich.”

  22. It’s as if Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love came back from the dead.

  23. glam

    Holy Shit, how old are these people? They seem to young to look that…old? sick? Fuck. Eat a banana or something.

  24. keijo

    Why, Russel Crowe?

  25. Huh?

    I wonder what band she is breaking up…

  26. Zombie Mitch Hedberg is just begging for someone to shoot him in the face. Or her. Anything. Anything but this.

  27. Paully Boston Baby!

    I’m just connecting dots here: Don’t know Paz, but saw a story she threw a tantrum on set of whateva show she was on recently and was shitcanned. Now I see her and Uncle Druggie over here and it’s pretty transparent whats up. Paz, ya coulda done alot better though. Both w quality of dude and quality of drugs.

  28. You just know there are some new bacteria on these two that have not been discovered.

  29. She’s dating Nigel from ‘Spinal Tap’?

  30. Dr. Neanderthal

    so I suppose in this case “bumping uglies” could refer to any and all physical contact

  31. Paz is understandably distressed, as someone has very recently sprayed her with Pam and put her on a skillet.

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