1. Must have spotted a head bobbing up and down in an old Cutlass Sierra.

  2. JimBB

    Hey, did any of you see Tom Sizemore come through here earlier? He was supposed to meet me in the bathroom.

  3. Johnny P!

    ‘Kristen’s right behind me, isn’t she? I can feel her hot, rank star-status sucking breath down me neck! Oy… ‘ang on a minute! we’re on a runway, right? Maybe if I flap me arms, I can fly back to the safety of Jolly Ol’ ‘ome! Farewell, succubus!’

  4. ” I keep these rose colored glasses on all the time, because when I take them off I was dating a whore”

  5. Photographer: “Robert, will you be making any good movies?”
    Robert: “Well, I was in Twilight.”
    Photographer: “I said good movies”

  6. I just noticed he’d make a pretty decent John Lennon.

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