1. There, there, you back off now. He’s mine.

  2. “The press are here, make sure the little boys are locked up and hidden away right now”

  3. He’s giving my inner child “fuck me” eyes.

  4. JC

    Pope: “Don’t worry, my son. I put a hell of a curse on Sarah Palin for talking smack about me.”
    Vatican official: “But Your Holiness, that’s voodoo, not Catholicism.”
    Pope: “To-may-to, to-mah-to.”

  5. “Move along, old guy.”

  6. Cock Dr

    Good luck putting the reins on our capitalist avarice.
    How’s that tax scam working out for the church? Just wondering.

  7. (whispers)
    “…your Excellency…the *Jonas* brothers..”

  8. Margaret

    Hey now!

  9. Joe Blow

    “Now go, and return not until thou find me more untouched altar boys.”

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    Yes, my Son, I do get my chains from the same place as Rick Ross.

  11. I see I pissed off at least 2 of the resident Catholics.

  12. SW

    Worst Clue answer ever.

  13. “Papa, It’s your turn to play the Grand Theft Auto.”
    “Not now Giuseppe. I have Pope shit to do.”

  14. TittyPolice

    “Mr.Jackson is Dead?? Now that there is no competition, I’m gonna have to bless all these little children with my holy cock.”

    Only the Pope can pull off a gangsta look with that cross without ppl noticing lol.

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