1. Smapdi

    Using nothing more than duct tape and his Swiss Army knife, McIver fashioned a transgender disguise to go undercover as an actress and enter the theater. Moments later, he remembered he hasn’t been a secret agent for 21 years.

  2. Might have to get more of this one…

  3. Bonky

    Why is it that every chick in Hollywood thinks there is some
    kind of obligatory “ass shot” when the cameras start flashing ?

  4. She’s pretty. Gonna have to look her up.

  5. Gandalf looks confused…like he recognizes the ass is fine, but can’t understand why he doesn’t feel anything.

  6. I wonder if actresses ever get tired of walking backwards down the red carpet in order to constantly be in this ass-forward-looking-over-the-shoulder pose for the paps.

  7. Your move, Menounous.

  8. so she’s got a ‘B” tattooed on her left cheek and a ‘T’ tattooed on her right cheek, and when she bends *way* over it spells out…

  9. I’d desolate that all night and day.

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