1. If Courtney Stodden and Gwen Stefani had a child…

  2. Rita Ora is Stodden to look like a burned out stripper.

  3. Cock Dr

    Smashed boobies make everyone sad.

  4. No. The blonde hair is not working for her here.

  5. Should have take a picture of the actual blonde on her left.

  6. Margaret

    Who? Nobody? Next!

  7. GargatuWong

    It’s a man, baby!

  8. I saw her nipple once, so I’m going to give her a pass on the “I can count to potato” face

  9. (david) guest

    this is what gwen stefani sees when she tries to kiss a convex traffic mirror

  10. cc

    Clearly, the photographer failed to appreciate there was someone much more interesting two feet to the right. Fool.

  11. Tiggles

    My octoroon trumps your quadroon – your move, Nicki Minaj!

  12. Oprah Sucks

    It’s like my brother Steve in drag. Good job, Steve.

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