1. Camilla and the Queen Mother are rarely shown together.

  2. donkeylicks

    “Thats right Charles, I have the list…. Of course I understand…. I never liked your mother either, but must we include Prince George? O.. okay, no, no I don’t want to end up like Diana.”

  3. Lena Dunham’s x-ray does charity work with other skeletons.

  4. “No, I promise! She’s right here! I’m standing right next to her! Ms. Rivers, would you please say hello to my friend on the phone?”

  5. JimBB

    Darling, you’ll never believe this, but this one lass standing next to me is dressed as your late wife.

  6. Smapdi

    “Hello Charles? I’m seeing dead people again. There’s a skeleton woman right next to me. What do you mean, ‘is she hot’?”

  7. Johnny P!

    ‘Yes, that’s right, I’ve found my replacement for the glue factory.
    She’s right here in front of me… send the lorry to fetch her.
    (phew! safe for another year…)

  8. bbvd

    I see Camilla, but who’s the chick on the right?

  9. She’s got a lot of chin for a skeleton

  10. DrDoodle

    Charles I have mother here she is right next to me

  11. DrDoodle

    Doh Proof read your sh@t
    Should have read
    “Charles I Have your mother hear right next to me she would like a word”

  12. “Hello Charles! Death is here! She says that she made a huge mistake fifteen years ago and is here to make thing right.”

  13. cc

    Of all the days to get the date of Hallowe’en wrong.

  14. Vlad

    Charles, yes, I’ve booked an appointment for your mother for Saturday at 7. You’ll be king by next week.

  15. tlmck

    “Hello Charles? I’m leaving you for someone more alive.”

  16. Murphy Brown loves zombies.

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